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How to play rummy online

The aim of rummy is to get rid of all your cards before your opponent does.

One standard deck of 52 cards is used for classic rummy. Cards rank from low to high: Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King

Start your turn by drawing a card from the top of the stock pile or the discard pile.

You dispose of cards by building melds which are made up of sets, three or four of a kind and the same rank; or runs, three or more cards in sequence and same suit.

An example set is the 7 of diamonds, 7 of hearts and 7 of spades.

An example run is the 4 of clubs, 5 of clubs and 6 of clubs.

When you have built a set or run it will automatically be taken from your hand and placed on the table.

Cards can also be added to the sets and runs which have already been laid down, this is called laying off.

You end your turn by discarding one card from your hand onto the discard pile.

Once a player has disposed of all of their cards, the other player's cards are scored.


Face card: 10 points

Ace: 1 point

All others: face value (4 = 4 points, 9 = 9 points, etc.)

Hands will continue to be dealt until one of the players reaches 100 points. The first player to reach 100 points loses the rummy game.